Friday, March 28, 2014

The Clock table

I had a wonderful time in the workshop today. I've had this cute little side table in inventory for some time now. It's one of those little tables with a great shape but for some reason it doesn't have that "Hey Look At Me" presence. As I sat in the work shop this morning I looked over at a photo of a beautiful clock ...Well, that was it.. little miss cutie was going to be "The Clock Table"...I started with a base coat of ASCP in Old White..

For the boarder I used Amy Howard paint in Black..

Next.. using a # 2 pencil, I made a circle..It doesn't have to be perfect..

I then added a coat of ASCP in Louie Blue..During this step you can even out your circle with the blue paint if needed..

For the roman numerals I sketched them on free hand ..they are not perfectly hands are not as steady as they use to be, but I think it adds alittle charm..I did have to refer back to my inspiration photo because lets face it, I don't use roman numerals everyday..If you can find roman numeral stencils you can use them for this step.. I always seem to have trouble with stencils so i avoid them...being happy with the spacing of the numbers I filled them in with AH Black paint..

Sketching on the hands and adding a few more details ( I chose to use Paris and 1887 from the inspiration photo) this cutie is ready to be sanded and waxed..

I used clear and dark AS wax..I love how she turned out....And now she is ready for the spring market...

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