Monday, November 28, 2011

some parts of my christmas garden

i have a little more to do, hopefully i will be done by dec.1

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Fairies Are Here

 I decided to go ahead and finish my fairy tree today, we will be very busy over the next few days so i would rather go ahead and finish it while i am not rushed.. This year the fairies are hanging out in the foyer, enjoy ~Grace

Holiday Floral Arrangements

I love bringing the outdoors inside especially for the holidays, I make all the floral arrangements throughout my house and i thought i would share one of my favorites with you.  i start  filling a clean container with fresh potting soil, then place the rosemary plant in the center. then i divide in half 1 potted ivy placing a half on each side . then i go all the way around the container fillinf it with pansies. and there you have one of my favorites. nothing compares to the fragrance of cut greens and rosemary throughout the house. this arrangement will last all through the holiday season.. a smaller arrangement i am doing , a little topiary and some pansies, just add instant green to a terra cotta pot  and you have a cute little arrangement.. Enjoy your weekend! Grace.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time For A Craft Quickie...

 One of my favorite areas to decorate is outside in my garden. i have a bench that i love to drape with fresh greens then fill the bench with these little moss presents.i thought i would share with you how i create these.First you will need a floral foam shape, a package of instant green, T pins, ribbon, and a bow. you place the foam shape in the middle of the instant green and begin to wrap it like a present. i use the T pins to adhere the moss to the foam. then wrap your ribbon around the present(securing with the T pins) then add your bow. and there you have it , an instant woodland present. these are beautiful  sitting on the porch, on a bench and even inside.. Enjoy

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A French Christmas

This is my favorite room in the house. i saw this ribbon at my local garden center and i just fell in love with it. i found the little chest at home goods and new it would go perfectly with the theme. these are things  i think  marie would have had under her tree, jewelry, and shoes of course.

 the candles are from pottery barn and i thought they would look lovely  with my mercury glass. The purple votive is  Nest Fragrances- Sir Elton John - it has a wonderful holiday scent.
The first tree i put up each year is in the living room. I guess it is the first because its a room that we do not use everyday, so i can get away with decorating it before Thanksgiving. This year my theme for this room is Marie Antoinette. I think it turned out lovely. My inspiration for this tree came from my local garden center .I think this may now be my favorite . I do a total of 4 trees, each with a different theme. What do you think? Would Marie like this???

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Thanksgiving Table

I love to mix it up when it comes to setting my holiday table. by doing this i think it gives a special touch. This year i am using new and old together. The plates i chose for the formal dinning room are by Johnson Bros. Est. England 1883. The name of the pattern is "His Majesty" taken from an original hand engraving. I have had this set in my collection for many years and it is one of my favorites. The white pumpkin tureens are from williams sonoma. i love how each one is alittle different. The place settings for the breakfast room are new this year from pottery barn. i just love the colors and each plate has a different beautiful bird.i thought these would also go well with the white pumpkin tureens.I was reading on another blog earlier today how they feel that Thanksgiving is becoming a lost holiday of sorts. i am in agreement with that. it seems we dive right into christmas and forget all about this special day. So, i guess i am trying to do my part to keep Thanksgiving special.